First visit

At your first visit, our aim is to determine the cause of your problem and plan, where appropriate, the treatment that you require.

The first session will involve the therapist asking you a lot of questions concerning your problem such as what your symptoms are, how long you have had the problem, do you know how the problem started, what makes them better and what makes them worse. The answers to these questions plus the physical assessment of your problem will help us to determine what is causing your symptoms and therefore help us to treat you.

Your initial appointment will take approximately 45 minutes Physiotherapy) or up to one hour (Podiatry) where you will be assessed by a Chartered Physiotherapist or a Podiatrist respectively. You will be required to undress sufficiently in order to expose the area to be examined, so please wear suitable clothing (e.g. shorts)

Each patient is assessed as an individual and treated according to their own particular needs. On completing the assessment, the therapist will discuss your condition with you and the proposed treatment. Physiotherapy treatment, where appropriate, will commence at the initial consultation and may include mobilisation or manipulation of the joints and/or mobilisation of soft tissues, electrotherapy, appropriate exercises and advice relating to your condition.

In the case of podiatry, should you require simple insoles, these can be provided at the initial consultation however, more custom-made devices will require you to return for a casting appointment.

Where a treatment program is advised in either case, this will be discussed at the initial consultation. Where possible, we will give you an indication of how long your condition will take to get better and how much treatment you may require.

The therapists work in close communication with other medical professionals including your GP and/or consultant and will contact them with your approval, if required.