Podiatry is the expert field of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical foot problems.

Your foot mechanics will be carefully assessed by one of our qualified Podiatrists and with the assistance of video analysis of your walking/running action they will establish if you have a mechanical foot problem. Following assessment, they will give you a diagnosis and advise you as to the necessary treatment which may involve the provision of insoles (orthotics) to correct your foot posture and improve the mechanical function of your feet.

Commonly treated conditions include:

Flat feet
Heel pain
Arch pain
Ankle and knee pain
Lower back pain
Recurrent sports related lower limb injuries (Achilles tendinitis, runners knee)

On Site Laboratory
We are pleased to have the facility to make and our own custom-made orthoses on site. This has redically speeded up the process from assessment to orthotic provision. It is now therefore possible to have a "same day" biomechanical assessment and orthotic provision service. Please enquire at reception if you wish to have this service. In the event that your orthotics require some fine adjustment, this can also be done on-site while you wait.