NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

It is widely accepted that as the mind and the body are one; the way you are thinking results in immediate bodily responses. If you are overstressed or giving yourself negative mental messages this has an immediate effect on your body which eventually can result in pain and illness. Many symptoms have some mental association.

Conversely there is ample evidence to show that a healthy body enables the mind to function more effectively too. NLP is often referred to as the workshop manual for the mind. NLP health techniques have been derived by studying how people have cured themselves – and finding out how some people remain consistently healthy and do not get ill at all.

You too can learn to use these strategies and get the results that they get. You can learn to be in control of your health and get to the underlying cause of a problem so that the symptoms do not re-occur.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is the study of:
- How the mind and the body are interconnected
- How the language you use provides information about how you are thinking at a subconscious level – so that you can change it if necessary.
- What mental programmes you run whenever you do something (such as getting ill or staying well).

NLP has been developed and refined over the past thirty years and is used worldwide in Health, Business, Government, the Police and Sport. Many dentists, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, and complimentary health practitioners have NLP training.